Monday, May 29, 2006

But why do we do it?

One answer that I have yet to hear well spelled out for me is the following: Why do we wish for people to become Christians? Moreover, why does God want people to become Christians.

See I think the fundis have a real leg up here. After all, it's easy - there's a hell, you're all going to it, but luckily (light bulb flash) there is a way out! That way is to say you believe in JEsus, and by extension to join us. Not bad eh?

Early Christians also seem to have had a defined purpose. It wasn't the same though. As best I can tell the message was a little more earthly, and I mean that in a good way. You were 'saved', but not as such. Rather, you were saved from the worship of false gods and the practical life consequences that resulted from these delusions.

I really must find a good push-button reason for people to be Christians. I know it myself, but I cannot place it... cannot name it for what it is.

Perhaps the best solution is simply Kingdom-based. I tend to like the old answers more than the new ones at most times in any case. There is God's Kingdom, and everyone else's Kingdom. But we're so watered down, so infiltrated. So few in Israel are Israel, and can I even count myself among its' citizens?



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