Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Burying our Genius

Today we held the preliminary burial service for famous Christian Historian Jaroslav Pelikan. His accomplishments don't need to be listed here since he's arguably the most important Christian historian in... well... history. Although it broke up finals week, I was more than happy to set aside some time to go sing for his family and let them know how much his faith community loved him.

Today we have sung the songs and given him the last kiss, tonight and all throught the morning hours we will continue to keep the vigil by singing psalms over his open coffin that is in the chapel, tommorrow we will celbrate liturgy with his family and friends, and then the world will move again.


Blogger Blogchik said...

Yeah, it really was a special service. Too bad my voice totally gave out on me by the end.


10:48 PM  

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