Monday, May 29, 2006

The Road Warrior

Forget Max. Get rid of Indiana Jones, the true Road Warrior arrived last Tuesday in Fort Smith having completed a 23 hour trip in 25. Yeah you heard it here first - 23 in 25. In other words: gas + coffee stops ~ every 4 hours, 1 hour'ish rest area stop for a power nap, and otherwise it was start to finish baby. I got in town so wired on 7 large coffees and endless music that I couldn't get unwound enough to go to sleep for a good 8 hours. Now i'm still sleeping off the drive, not to mention all of last semester.

Road Tunes of choice:

Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits
all-time Doo Wap Collection vol. II


Blogger Ann said...

Glad you're safe at home. Keep getting some rest. 2 weeks into the summer and I am starting to feel like a person again.


8:27 AM  

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