Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Worthy Opponent

I have the utmost respect for a worthy opponent. One who is single-mindedly dedicated without remorse to their cause. One who is willing to give their life for their version of ultimate benefit.

Such an opponent was the gnat who flew into my cup of Chai tea tonight. I saw him coming from afar like a Kamikazi honing in on the aft of a destroyer-class warship. The hum of the engine pushed to its max in an attempt to avoid being destroyed before impact. Like the destroyer I opened a saturating salvo to shoot him out of the air, but the skill was simply too great. His manuverability and quick reflexes showed him to be an ace of such dogfights.

I knew when he plunged into my cup that it was all over. He disappeared beneath the plumes of steam, not suffering, knowing that I'd have to dump that cup.

After pouring out the cup into the sink his lifeless body refused to go down the drain without an extra water douse. At this point I was overcome with respect for the bravery and self-denying duty of this little gnat. I went to my room, grabbed the kazoo, and played the bugle dirge for a fallen warrior.



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