Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bow hunting is no joke

I spent most of yesterday sighting bows and a crossbow for the upcoming archery hunting season. Let me tell ya, I've got some experience with guns, but bows are a whole different level, especially if you use Recurve Composite bows instead of composite bows. You gain an appreciation for people who hunted with more primitive bows. Not the easiest thing. It's also interesting because shooting it roughly on target is mildly natural, while shooting it dead-on is quite difficult. It's along the "seconds to learn, a lifetime to master" line of skill sets.

Sigh, I've really liked being home alone over this weekend. I forget, after living with others so long, how much I enjoy a place to myself. It really frees the spirit. So much so that it could be dangerous. Of course, the place isn't entirely to myself. I have the dogs here, but that makes it even more fun. Ace is especially good at sleeping. Well-behaved dogs do wonders for sleep with their cuddliness.


Anonymous Farrah said...

Crossbow instead of Razorbacks? Well, okay. I'm glad you have enjoyed the weekend.

2:14 PM  

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