Sunday, August 19, 2007

Equality of soul

No matter what I might like to think, there are times when I meet someone of particular quality and my body quivers with the desire to bring them to Christ. It's difficult to get all of the motivations, but I have the sneaky suspicion it's because I want my club grown with my choice members.

Yeah, I know, egotistical, not the gospel, and all of that good stuff.

But it's hard for me. It's not that I would fail to encourage anyone to seek - i'm certainly evangelistic in my own way - but it's only natural to think that some people have earned a Christian identity. Like wow... he/she's really worthy of Christ!

I even get the passing feeling now and again that I can become fixated on someone's spiritual life. It's not unlike elementary school when there was that one person who you were drawn to, and the rest of the world disappeared as you thought of gaining their approval. I wasn't ever bad in that regard, but we all had the impulse, and sometimes it overtakes the young without their understand what's happened, or even that it has occurred. And yes, it continues into adulthood for many of us, although hormones have often put perspective on other infatuations by that time.


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