Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Two and a half of the best songs you've probably never heard

Man I'm loving this youtube thing. It's allowing me to watch videos and live performances of so many bands that I would otherwise have no access to outside of outdated LP's, 8-tracks and reel-to-reels that my dad once collected.

Today I have two recommendations, and I would love to hear feedback. First, check out the live version of the Wishbone Ash song Warrior. I think Bush missed this as the Republican hardliner theme for the past election. Perhaps Romney should consider it? anyhow, great song. And while you're at it, you need to see this video titled "Joey" from the best band you have probably never heard of, Concrete Blonde. It's cc. 1989-1990. Superb music. I remember my uncle Tim gave dad Concrete Blonde's Bloodletting at the same time as the Black Crowes' Shake Your Money Maker. Both are excellent, but in terms of their other releases, the Crowes gained more popularity, while Concrete Blonde released far better music. If you like what you hear of them, do yourself a favor and purchase Bloodletting, followed quickly by Mexican Moon and Walking in London. You'll thank me.

Also, not on quite as high a caliber, but still of interest to smaller label rock fans, is Melissa Auf Der Maur's video for her 2003 single Followed the Waves (she is the former bassist for Hole and Smashing Pumpkins... not bad for a Canuck).


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