Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gallery of Champions

Gallery of Champions. It's the name of a card, role-playing, and board gaming shop, and never was a place more aptly named. I went in to look at board games and a card game while there was a regional Magic:The Gathering tournament going on. Oh my goodness. A friend of mine was recently feeling dorky that he pre-ordered the newest Harry Potter and couldn't wait for it to come out. Dan... have no fear my son. If Harry Potter was all these guys had to worry about, they would have exponentially more women than they have imagined thus far in their lives.

You have the big fat loud guy (mandatory), the five of six totally scrawny guys. and all dressed purely in black, often with metal shirts. Really pumped about whether or not the Lord of Atlantis could be tapped with enough manna to overcome the Rock Giant's Castle....sweet...

I have a high nerd quotient, but it's pretty clear that I'm not a champion worthy of the gallery. At least not yet.


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