Monday, July 16, 2007

PC police make another arrest

Oh boy, this time a top founder of a law school is being totally disavowed because he used "the N word" in a meeting due to his frustration at finding quality black candidates. Apparently this single slip from an 80 year old man (who is funding their education) is far too much to bear for the incensed population of the law school:

“Several people e-mailed me that it will be a disgrace to have the Papitto name
on their resumes and their diplomas,” said student leader Matt Jerzyk in an
e-mailed statement.
Roberts also has called for Papitto’s name to be removed
from the law school.

Meanwhile, in other news, some rapper on BET just used to the same word 50 times in one song. I was, in the words of the head of this educational board, "shocked beyond belief and very angry" that such garbage was being publicly displayed for my young sisters which, incidentally, had far more affect on my day than Mr. Pepitto.


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