Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wisdom tooth removal

Had my wisdom teeth taken out at 8am yesterday. Now, 24 hours later, my jaw is aching and my stitches are repairing. I'm living off of soup, Ramen noodles (also soup), and ice cream. This morning I created a classic. I put my coffee into a cup full of vanilla ice cream. An excellent treat. Try it sometimes!, but make sure you have enough ice cream, or else it's just bad creamer. You want it to be enough that some will not melt, but float, like a coke float. The problem is that without being able to really brush your teeth, sugar and coffee make add a lot of funk to your mouth (already made disgusting by copious amounts of blood and gauze) until the stitching can heal and you can brush again for real.

I do have to say that my Dental surgeon did an excellent job. Very minimal swelling and I have no real "pain" to speak of. I'm expecting a quick recovery, but in the mean time it's lame, and it's certainly in the way of my diet, which had been going nonstop for the better part of a month.

Still, if I get to heaven (God Willing), I will have to take this question up with the Big Guy right after the others that have always plagued me - Why do bad things have to happen? Why the dinosaurs? Why confuse us so often as to your existence? What wisdom was there behind giving me "wisdom" teeth?


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