Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a week...

Wow, what a blitzkrieg of a week.

first of all the partying for my b-day has not stopped all week. I think everyone feels for me since my b-day last year was the second day of the Lenten retreat... thus silence was demanded of the seminary - good for your soul and discipline, bad for birthday parties.

So, I've gotten some cookies and a humidor for the gifts. Other than that, it's been a week-long party, which has involved 4 different nights of scotch. Wednesday was slacking I suppose. We needed a little R&R. It was like R Kelley here on Tues. We had the party, and then after the party was the after-party, and then after that we had the after-after-party. Whew.

Last night was Ethiopian food. Oh man, Fridge, Berries, Shoje and I ordered the two largest combos on the menu, which came out on one gigantimus plate of Ethipian bread. I've never seen that much food get snarfed quite that fast. It was like four robots. I'm not even sure that we touched our glasses. It was a free-for-all. Not only were we starved and not only was it delicious like whoa, but also it was competative - 4 guys. Freakin' Ethiopian food holocaust! The wind-down was watching some of Rock's high school play videos and puffing on some fresh cigars. Aww yeah.

Even with this past week, which has only involved 2 gym trips, I will have it known that my total is officially down 11 lbs. Perhaps 9 after last week (last night especially), but still, I'm on a roll - and it don't stop ^^ The Battleship Roland is still lightening the load. At this rate I'll be more than prepared for the Hawaii trip in a month.


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