Sunday, March 05, 2006

This issue brought to you by Hollywood...

Why do I hate Brokeback Mountain so much?

I think it's not about gay cowboys or the absolutely ridiculous sub-themes associated with that. Nah, I think it's because the gay agenda in general has become such a "brought to you by self-righteous Hollywood types" cause of choice.

It occurs to me again and again that our society is morbid in this respect: Entertainment in most all great classical societies has been the domain of the slave caste, carried on at the behest of the cultured elite.

We have reversed that paradigm...

It's not the domain of the self-declared elite of self-righteous know-nothings. Occasionally you get an articulate spokesman ala:George Clooney (sorry right wingers, he's a sharp cookie, like him or not). But here we are, a society with institutions upon institutions of higher learning, all of which have departments of politics, sociology, anthropology, biology, and many of which have medical establishments, and who are we taking advice from? Madonna and Elton John. I see that as a problem.

The massive press of popular media in favor of the gay agenda trivializes it for me. I get so tired of the mandatory "token gay guy" on every sitcom, or the main character who has to "come out" 3 seasons in, assuming that the show actually started with some thematic integrity and then had to play gay drama catch-up (ie. Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Whenever I see it presented in such mediums I cannot help but react - oh boy, here comes another person who's never worked a real job in their life other than editing videos trying to normalize something.

What's more, the characters are always good but oppressed and so forth and so on. What about the militant little gays who regularly offend my sensibilities in real life? They do exist, and in no small quantities. Whereas the opposition is always stiff religious folk who hate blacks and women as well - give me a break. In fact, religious establishments are the only ones who have tried, whether pro or con, to establish some kind of governing criteria by which they can evaluate the homosexual lifestyle choice. From Episcopalians to Catholics, they've at least tried to delineat the basis on which the behavior should be accepted or rejected, rather than purely playing on mass emotions through fictional diatribes. There's been at least a little critical discussion on the nature and purpose of human beings. It's refreshing... as opposed to gay cowboys.


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