Thursday, March 02, 2006

wisdom, let us attend

"Christians should, when possible, learn by discernment rather than by experience."

I love that line; just heard it today. It reminds me of the Proverb about how the dog returns to its vomit. It strikes me, wise as this is, shouldn't we consider it sillier still to return to someone else's vomit?


Blogger a part said...

Haven't heard that line before. It's great. And it's always interesting to me in my own life how much more easily that is said than done. Because fundamentally, it requires faith to live by discernment. The child who touches the hot stove learns quickly enough, and yet that child seems to live on far beyond childhood. God says "don't touch." We say "why? are you sure?" and then we touch. Worse still, we don't even learn as well as the child, because as the proverb says, we have this odd propensity to return to the very things which have caused us harm.

I suppose it's just the impulse to sin, but it always seems to me rather odd. Why can I not just listen to the discernment within me? What is this self-destructive impulse which bids me do what I know I should not? What I know will in fact hurt me... It seems unreasonable at best, and yet, there it is...

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