Monday, October 31, 2005

Converting the heretics

TheSpiritOfRain: 7 mintues is the ideal sermon length

mat: heh based on?

TheSpiritOfRain: the fact that I don't want to write any more on it

TheSpiritOfRain: :D

mat: haha

mat: nice

mat : any more and you'd need a commercial break after all

TheSpiritOfRain : exactly!

TheSpiritOfRain: its sad how much of a crowd it's drawing

TheSpiritOfRain: just so that people can be disappointed with a relatively uneventful homily

TheSpiritOfRain: :-
mat: haha

mat: oh we'll make it eventful if need be

TheSpiritOfRain: lol

TheSpiritOfRain: you and theo in thongs?

TheSpiritOfRain: :-*

TheSpiritOfRain: as I preach
against porn

TheSpiritOfRain: better yet

TheSpiritOfRain: I peach against the viles of fire-water

TheSpiritOfRain: while we bring in a plastered George and Binoy

mat: hahaha

mat: and then you'll convert us all

mat: baptize us in front of the icon of

mat: and you should still have 30 seconds left to say "oh and do your community service,

TheSpiritOfRain: LOL

TheSpiritOfRain: today Jesus is saying non-chalcedonian heathens repent!

TheSpiritOfRain: then theo from the back

TheSpiritOfRain: aaaaAAAA

TheSpiritOfRain: when the storm of e-cu-men-is-m

TheSpiritOfRain: began to rage oh savior against thy holy church

mat: hahaha


Anonymous michelle said...

TRULY snorkworthy. well done.

4:19 PM  

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