Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nice work teeth

Well I went to the dentist last Wednesday for the first time in.... 7 years. After giving me the photo treatment and the cleaning process the dentist and hygenist had a nice little pow-wow around me to congradulate me on no cavities and the 'stainless' enamel. Apparently however the dentist forgot that he was talking to an Arkansan. It went kinda like this:

Nice job cleaning these babies! You must brush at least twice a day!


No really, apparently you have no bad habits, like stupid cigar smoking


and I bet you've never dipped snuff in your life

(yup... or drank Wild Turkey out of the bottle... hello, life-long arkie!... oh wait I was born in Mississippi... that helps my odds... at all)

Keep up the good work!

(fight the good fight teeth, reinforcements soon I promise :-\


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