Thursday, October 18, 2007

too animal for me

Recently Ft. Chaffee has opened up for some special training programs. We've had an influx of temporary residents from various units around the country. Tonight I was in the gym working out with 5 of the guys from the "Special Warfare" division.


These dudes were animals. Ripped like whoa and having nothing but functional muscles. I'm usually more than enough of a stallion to feel good in the gym, but this was intimidating. It's not often that I'm in the gym with five other people and that I feel sure that I am the biggest wuss in the house. I suppose I hung as long as it was just pure weights, but when it came down to body-handling exercises... whoa. These guys were repping out weighted pull-ups like I do unweighted push-ups. It really reminds you of your place on the totem poll when you're in the presence of professional warriors.


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