Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Remember all you haters who thought that Michigan and Ohio State should just play again for the national title. Remember staring at me in disbelief when I pointed out that the Big-10 top to bottom hadn't played anyone to prove they had any real game? Well, this Florida stomping if for you, courtesy of ESPN. Florida 41 - Ohio State 14

The Buckeyes came into the Valley of the Sun with a 12-0 record, bidding to become the greatest team ever at a school where that title is not thrown around lightly. Instead, the Buckeyes will spend Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of their lives wondering how to explain an egg simultaneously laid by 121 players, nine assistants and one head coach.

"I think when you look around the locker room," fullback Stan White Jr. said, "there's definitely a feeling of shell shock. In five years at Ohio State and four years of high school, I have never been part of a loss this shocking. No one really has an answer right now."

On the field after the game Monday night, Florida junior defensive end Jarvis Moss suggested an explanation.

"We played a lot better teams than Ohio State this year," Moss said, a piece of blue confetti sweat-stuck to his neck. "I can name four or five teams in the SEC that would compete real well against them."


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