Monday, December 11, 2006

The best dime ever spent

So I was at a quickie picking up some cigs for a couple of classmates. There was a parking lot full of genuine hispanic thugs all meeting up there. One came into the store with me. He was right after me and was 10 cents short to get a box of Parliament's. He was trying to work out with the cashier if he could come back in and give him the dime, etc. So I tossed a dime from my change up there. When I got out he was all over it, telling his friends I was cool etc (his delusion, but I guess I earned it). They all started asking my name and a couple even gave me bumps coupled with one-shoulder touches (apparently their way of greeting - very machismo you know). They all wanted to know my name and why I was in NY. Were very curious about me being a seminarian. Began semi-jokingly calling me Father, asking a couple of questions, seemed to like my responses (for what that's worth). One even asked for my number so we could "chill" sometime and wondered if he could call up and ask me questions. Julio is his name.

Talk about the best dime ever spent. I mean seriously... it's one of those rare instances I just have to get cliche and say...well...praise God!


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