Sunday, August 06, 2006

Red Muscadyne Wine

It's a great day to be an Arkie. Cajun food on the stove, the smell of boiled crawfish and gumbo filling your nose, french bread baguette from the local bakery made fresh, picked up after church with hot dipping oil, biscuits and gravy with the option of buttering a couple biscuits with some Mayhaw (a sweet, light-pink swamp berry) jelly, and of course semi-sweet, chilled Red Muscadyne Wine from a local winery in the fridge and on the table, to be drunk all day. It's 106 and humid, no reason to go out except to swim. So, biscuits and gravy with one biscuit set aside for Mayhaw, then wine, then swim, French bread, then wine, then swim, the wine, then swim, then dinner with some more wine, then swim, some French bread with Brie all year long, then some wine... then bed.

I've lost 17 lbs the past month with strict diet and excercise. But every week you're supposed to take one day off to spluge on your favorite and remind youself of the need for more discipline. It's a lifestyle diet, and I'm loving it. But once a week, with no place to go, a little God in the soul, a full day of free time, and some local Red Muscadyne Wine. It's so sweet. :)


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