Sunday, August 06, 2006


my sister is wearing a nice, clean-smelling perfume called Pacific. Yeah sure, it's good. But it's not as good as my new-found cologne. I've named it Aqua. You can't buy it in retail stores. What you have to do instead is to is work out for two straight days (two and a half is optional as well, and perhaps more accurate), but swim both days for several hours. Now the trick is, don't bathe. You swim instead. Then you will have the refined, sophisticated, Italian-cool smell known only as Aqua, by Roland. (note: If I'm to be a designer brand, it's not enough to say my first name. Rather, you must say it like it is said in German, the language of origin for the family name, with an "umlout" - two dots on the top of the 'o', which lengthents its sound -so it's "Aqua, by Roolan'td").


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