Saturday, January 28, 2006

6 Gig Icon memoirs

I just had one of those experiences that accidentally occur and need to be recorded somewhere. My newly acquired 6-Gig CD Tincan Experiment (they're a hard rock band from Portland, Maine is the source. They broke up about 7 months ago, but they're older stuff is mad good if you like that stuff and listen to it all the way through a couple of times.

Anyhow, 6-Gig's T.E. has about six songs on it that remind me of certain people I know and moments I've shared with them - moments in my life that are inexorably linked with this specific person.

In one of my typically nostalgic moments I opened up some computer photos of one of them and just stared at it as the corresponding song played. It's like the entire economy of my time with this individual flashed before me, even events that never occured...might have occured... had this been that and that been this, which of course it isn't and can't be.

As the songs kept playing I felt like watching a musical. I'd open another picture and more events... more timeline... more shoulda coulda woulda's... more did's and didnt's... like icons on the church while the choir sings...mirroring lives long gone but never you look at the eyes and the choir chants...they're martyrd again, I'm on the beach again...they're silently smiling with a subdued joy as the crowds lift them in hatred...death to the ones who would free us...and men preferred the I prefer the darkness...why dwell on things that never were?...How the hell does that relate to icons and choirs...but it does...but it's illogical...but it does

bah! whatever.


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Hey Roland,

I didn't get a chance to respond to your comments on my blog until today, but I'd love to hear your reply if you get a chance. And thanks for posting.


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