Tuesday, June 14, 2005

God is a Republicrat! or maybe a Demublican!

I'm continually impressed with the Emerging Church movement. My latest exposure is Jim Wallis' "God's Politics": Why the Right is Wrong and the Left Doesnt Get it. I think it's a very consistent and faithful expose on how many groups are failing to take a consistent stand for Jesus on both sides of the political spectrum while also acknowledging that there are good reasons why more are leaning right than left. In particular I like when he was discussing television depravity and he says

He's dead on in his assertion of why so many who have some hangups still join the far right. They're not all trying to take over the world, but they share a deep seeded fear of a society without standards of decency and without limits, and the right at least takes a stand for values and traditions. While there may be an unacceptable amount of baggage that accompanies this choice, it still has to be acknowledged that building up all Republicans as hateful heartless bastards who just want more money for the rich is... a Straw Man at best.


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