Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is ground control to Major Tom

Back in the Fort. Looks like I A'd it up except for Greek (but we all knew that was coming).

Well what's on the slate this summer? Between getting in my hospital chaplaincy hours and teaching a couple of classes... as well as keeping up with some Greek and starting on my GRE study, I should be a busy little bee.

Arkansas is beautiful this time of year as it always is, although I forgot being up in NY how smotheringly humid it is in the south. When I exited the place (for the third time.. dad's frugal planning means that a few bucks > my time) I took a nice big wiff of the air and was shocked back into remembering what it's like to breath water vapor. When you live in it you don't notice.

My health kick has gotten off to a glorious beginning. I'm minus 6 pounds and I've still managed to regain some lost strength at the same time.

As for my classes - I'll be doing a class here in the Fort that I'm titling "Developing the Scriptural Mind". It's essentially a class on how to read the Bible as salvific literature, making the connections between OT and NT themes, putting together prophetic points, etc. In Fayetteville (travelling up once a month) I'll be doing a class on the historical Jesus and the limits of historical questioning using Luke Timothy Johnson's book The Real Jesus as a source text.

That's all for now, back to work.


Anonymous Fr John Bostwick said...

Glad to hear from you again. Congrats on the good grades (no surprise there) and good luck with the summer's work and other projects (e.g. health)...I am trying to pull my syllabus together for an "Intro to Spirituality" course in our Master's program...

8:20 PM  

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