Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cave of Blackest Despair

Last night I came back from a long hike in order to grill out, drink some beer with the other seminarians, and then... watch Phantom of the Opera? Ok, so this part wasn't planned, and I wa exaughsted from hiking, but I'm glad it happened.

Late in the movie, when Christine pulls off the Phantom's mask and he then whisks her away, the Phantom sings "come with me to my cave (or hideout?) of darkest despair." I was like wow cool, I want one! Only one person in the room could pick out what I was alluding to (that's called too much time around me). Doesn't it sound like the neatest thing to have?

Now sure, many would think that it's a little odd to want a batcave where you can go put on masks, be completely removed from natural sunlight, play dark organ music, and sulk with the other nocturnal creatures, but hey, I think it sounds cool. It's like how some people have a getaway house in the Carribbean. Sometimes you need a little more seclusion than just bottling yourself up in the old room, especially in a dorm setting such as my current predicament.

Being dark and forboding every now and again is good for the soul. Of course it has to be balanced with some sunshine and excercise, but I think it's a good investment, especially since the land value of dark underground caverns isn't exceptionally high, you should still have money to indulge your other habits with abandon.


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