Saturday, May 07, 2005

non-PC on film

I've decided it's my life's work to realize this vision - to write and film the most anti-PC movie every made.

It's going to start with a Kabal of Tibetan Buddhists and Secular Jewish Khabbalists summoning an army of hypostatic Demonic monsters who are impervious to all non-holy weapons. The secularized world mobilizes it's armies and is destroyed. Soon they turn over their hope to the only remaining hope - The Pope (an extremely by-the-catechism Papist who was in hiding in Georgia due to liberal Catholics putting a price on his head) and his band of Sons-of-the-Confederacy reenactment cavalry. After they're all baptized and submit to the full and unbridled supremacy of Holy Mother and Apostolic Church they're joined by a reserve division of the Swiss Guards and they ride off to do climactic battle with the demons armed with weapons blessed in full liturgical style (after attending a Confession).

The movie ends with with the demon army in route back to a physical hellfire. The Pope and his triumphal host then come up en mass. A majestic scene is filmed, camera lens gradually expanding due to the sheer number of horsemen, with the retreating ranks of demons parting to let the cavalry through. The host will be led of course by the Pope who will seperate them by doing the sign of the cross and all the demons will bow down before the triumphal array, who of course will be flying numerous banners, foremost among them the Vatican coat-of-arms, the Stars-and-Bars, and the Maltese Cross (since I'm damn sick of the Templars and Freemasons always getting shafted in movies too).

Oh yes, and although this might be a concession to the liberals, the cavalry will be of all different races to represent the tremendous diversity of the Apostolic Faith while the fallen demons will all be Secular wealthy white people to reflect their general make-up. Then, the heavens will break open in a massive burst of lightning and the angels will descend, Flight of the Valkyries playing in the backgroud, to take the fallen heros to heaven (can't have a proper non-PC film without some Wagner for the good guys).

Riddly Scott - eat your heart out.


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