Friday, January 25, 2008

This should be an advertisement for the University

I'm sitting in a Thai resteraunt in Van Buren when I hear the Arkansas fight song begin to blare in the background. At first, Farrah and I cannot determine if this clear sound is from a TV speaker or a cell phone ring. Finally we identify it as a cell ring (with excellent sound). About that time, after letting it ring for what must have been 10 rings worth of the university's fight song, a little Asian guy of about 60 flips his phone open, and with a thick Thai accent yells into it "AaallO!? WHO DE(a)R?"

Later tonight my phone rings, it's Abood, my best friend of Syrian origins now living in LA. "So... good news."

What's that?, I wonder aloud.

"Joe Adams, that cornerback and receiver hybrid from Little Rock who committed to USC? Yeah... well apparently he visited the UofA this weekend and liked it. Rivals even downgraded his commit to USC from hard verbal to soft. Good chance for the hogs to land him I think."

haha. I can just imagine the commercial. A guy from Bangkok, an Arab Muslim with his little cap on, sporting the long beard and living in LA pursuing grad studies in Islamic theology, and a cracker who just got in from killing deers in the Ozarks three-way call each other to talk about Razorback football... awesome.


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