Saturday, December 22, 2007

oddest little dreams

Last night I had a series of odd dreams. It's rare that my dreaming is so crystalline. I'm not one of those people who wakes up every other day with some claim to a lucid night experience, but last night was an exception.

The one that searing into my mind until this morning was a very strange one indeed. It was part of a larger set of mini-dreams where the character (ostensibly me) was faced with different situations where I had to sift through the other actors in the dream to figure out who the harmful ones were. My only guess is that the short story of demonic whodunit's can only be explained as a combination of reading too many Flannery O'Connor shorts, plus watching Saw and Saw II before bed.

But, back to my dream, the final dream in the series involved a very odd occurrance. I wasn't in much doubt as to who the bad ones were, nor the fact that they were too powerful to stop. At a certain point, and I can't remember if it was another character speaking, or a voice, or just my own thoughts on the situation, I had clearly lost the conflict, and I began to pray. The dream itself went dark as my dream-eyes were shut as tightly as my actual lids at night, and I remember thinking that the evil ones were gaining energy from everyone attempting to fight them. It's like the demons were using our own passions for survival, violent and flighty impulses, as sources of energy.

When I started to pray, I realized that I was going to be targeted. Still, I prayed, and had the thought "I will follow this path, even if I'm the last one on earth." So then there was a thunk, I believe that was me being killed, and I awakened in the dream to another place. I was there with another character who had been fighting the demons with a revolver. He walked away, looking dejected. I heard a voice, and might have even seen a person (can't be sure now) who simply told me "good...this is the path that divides." Then the land around, which had been arid the entire time, began slowly to bloom with greenery... at this juncture I lost the dream.


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