Monday, March 19, 2007

He's a cen-atari!

haha... okok, so check it

Tonight i'm at the gym. This young stud is doing his roid-special workout complete with 3 sets of this, 4 sets of looking at himself flex in the mirror, 2 more sets of weights, another couple sets of mirror flexing... you get the idea.

I see in the mirror that his shirt says "Half Man... Half Horse".

Finally I'd simply had too much. My inner nerd could no longer keep silent in the face of such overblown, self-important, Ayn Rand inspired, testosterone-pumping absurdity. So I did the only thing I could think of: I maneuvered close to him, and in between sets asked as nicely as I could "So, are you trying to say that you're a centaur?"

LOL. Oh man. The look was priceless. It was part shock that someone spoke to him, part awe that I described him as a mythic creature that he could not possibly know about, and part sheer terror at realizing that at any given time there is a person even in a low brow locale such as a gym who can mind blast him faster than Professor X.

Finally, recovering his stance and shaking of the dizzyness he responds "what's that?"

"It's a creature from mythology. It's a half-man, half-horse."



OH! Yeah dawg, that's right. I'm a cen-atari!*

heheh, werd

* This misspelling accurately reflects what he said. The author suspects that the words "sin" and "atari" might have independently registered.


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