Friday, November 17, 2006

Celebrity status... for only $1

So i'm a celebrity at the local Thai resteraunt. It's true. Can't deny it. Everyone who goes with me sees it too. (Nate makes a good case that I tend to assume celebrity status pretty quickly in a variety of settings. Dunno, I actually feel very alone and private much of the time). It's all about going in there alone for the very first time and ordering two dishes that aren't on the menu, and knowing the ingredients and cooking methods to a large enough extent that the Thai guy can pick out what you mean, then eating them with sticky rice and peppers dip.

So today we're figuring out proper tip after the meal... I say well, here's 22 for a 17 order... 5 tip? N. says "four would be appropriate". Ahh, but no I reprove! Five! The extra dollar is what maintains celebrity status. Oh yeah - skills.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recall, RRF III, that you asked me about the tip and I responded that four would suffice. I forgot that you must pay for your reputation. I may be your lackey (at least at this restaurant), but I need not be your foil.


2:38 PM  

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