Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some quick blurbs...

Since I've been out of the blogging game for a couple of weeks I thought perhaps a quick rundown of some key thoughts would be a nice start:

1. The Cardinals have won the World Series. Now I can die a little happier than I would have died yesterday. For Cardinal/Razorback dual fans life is never easy and heartbreak is commonplace, but finally I have seen both win a championship in sports I care about (basketball for the Hogs).

2. Our pastoral theology prof made a great observation that "I am" is a sum total of our relationships (including our relationship with God). There is no "real me" outside of my relationships as if they're one thing but I'm "truly" something else (and usually better). It's a great way to see the picture.

3. Also from our pastoral theology prof (he's having an on sort of month) comes the distinction of "Social Conversation", which is the act of communicating for the goal of maintaining and/or promoting an environment of social peace through avoidance of substantive issues as opposed to "Listening", which accepts tension in the air and might seek change in one or more conversation participants.

This reminds me of people saying "don't talk about religion or politics at a bar". In other words don't talk about who you are in community or what you believe at the most basic level. I think this is a flaw in how we date too - we're always maintaining the peace with Social Conversation rather than risking the relationship through active Listening. There you have it...

4. Liberal Mainline Christians are still, on average, the most self-righteous pricks in the religion business. Although I think I still prefer them to the evangelo-nutties.

5. The Church isn't an institution that doles out Mysteries, it's a Mystery that has institutions.


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