Saturday, January 07, 2006

Confessions of a Militant Homophobic

Apparently medical textbooks are now defining 'Homophobia' as "The presumption that heterosexuality is the only normative or ideal sexual orientation for a human person."

lol. Count me in.

Let me give you a little history on this BS. First of all, it began with the 1973 decision by the American Psychiatric Association to take homosexuality off the list of disorders in the DSM IV which could be treated as Psychiatric issues. Now of course the reasons were purely political - in point of fact there is no criteria that can be applied to homosexuality that cannot also be applied to bestiality as a concept of desirable behavior. Increased level of disease contamination (both), antithetical to widely held sensibilities of society (both), consent of all human persons involved in the sexual activity (both - we kill chickens for food, you're not going to sell me on the cruelty of using one to get jollies, that would mean that rape is worse than murder - im not buying it), violation of the function-by-design principle (usually crudely dubbed 'natural law' - both): Indeed I fail to see any reason other than a change in the general sensibility of our society for one to be legal and the other not.

Here's the blunt fact - We can accept or not accept homosexuality as a disorder, but few if any of us want to have a homosexual child. Deep down I think we're all painfully aware that we don't think of it as just another option. Also, we all know wonderful gay people. Gay relationships are not ever necessarily worse than hetero relationships in terms of self-fulfillment, if indeed that is the basic point of committed relationships (which as a Christian I feel that it isnt). From a Christian perspective 'love' is a force of will in any case, and so gay people can in fact love each other - these things are not in question.

Even with all of that, it strikes me as absurd how freely we are now defining phobias in medical textbooks so that people can be labled for taking a stand against what society wishes to become normal. That's just revolting.


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