Sunday, April 10, 2005

Andrey Rublev

I would highly recommend watching a Russian movie called Andre Rublev. It's done in Russian Montage style (pioneered by Sergie Eisenstein) and is artistically stunning, although it was done in the 70's with Russian equipment (think 40's in American technology).

The story essentially revolves around an extraordinary iconographer named Andrey Rublev who is brought to the depths of dispair because of the Tartar's sacking his monastary and also because he had to kill a man in order to save another.

While the story is very complex, I don't have time to describe all of it, and it's intricate enough to warrant at least one more viewing before I can claim any solid narrative authority.

Bp. Kallistos was down there with the three of us (students) in the pit TV room of the dorm watching the movie. What a man, well known and great scholar though he is and what does he do when he visits? He chills with some students watching an old Russian Montage. God grant him many years.


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