Saturday, April 09, 2005

your Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Tonight I assited with an Indian Orthodox Bible study for youths (age 12-27). It went relatively well, except for these 2 girls who were being drawn into the Pentecostal movement within the Indian community.

Sigh, they kept feeling that Orthodox couldn't claim to be more right than other Christians. How can we say such things when others are "following the Bible exactly"? Isn't it all about the personal relationship with Christ? Cant you reject the Church and not reject Christ?

First of all, I want to point out that "feeling" isn't a great way to judge faith. I can't argue with feelings, nor was the girl interested in hearing about it. Instead, she simply said that she agreed with all the facts, but that due to the fruit she saw, she couldn't believe Orthodoxy is better because it lacks the imparting of that "personal experience". Am I the only one who thinks that only a Church which lacks sincerity would say anything other than "we are the True faith"? Is it even worth being part of a body who won't at least make that claim?

Secondly, "following the Bible exactly". What "exactly" does that mean? OK folks listen and listen closely - The Bible is Not Self Interpreting. K? We all have prejudices and points of view. The Church exists to critique them so that the body itself doesn't suffer from the misuse by one part of the body.

Lastly, why must so many Protestants make God sounds like you chum? It's like Jesus is just the guy who hits the RBI and knocks you in from second for the winning run. Then you get to be in the same dog pile beside home plate. You have a relationship with God alright - God is the master and you are the servant (steward, to be more precise). You get to invest the master's fortune to turn a profit, but you will answer for it when the master returns.


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