Monday, September 08, 2008

Simply Stunning

Although the weather generally has been nice beyond belief this summer, this weekend was particularly fine. In the wake of five days of rain (residue from coastal hurricanes) I set out to work on the deer land with Paul and Wes. It had to be exactly 80 degrees and sunny, while the shade made it feel like 75. This followed a Labor Day canoe trip with the homies that was fun beyond description. It's always funny to me how, after all of the beautiful places that I've been and all of the incredible things I've seen, from skyscrapers to castles to the Rockies covered in snow, the most beautiful thing in the world is still a day in the Ozarks, sitting in wooded hills or paddling down one of its lightly flowing rivers, with a bright sun in low heat, breathing air untouched by industrial pollution or smog.


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