Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Uh oh... I like an Indie film...

okok, I just accidentally saw an indie film that I really enjoyed.

Now sure, we all like that occasional "thinking" movie, some of us more than others. But this wasn't just a thinking movie. No, this was indie like Cartman talks about - black and white flicks about gay cowboys sitting around and eating pudding.

The particular cowboy flick in question was a tale of lesbian boarding school girls and the ties and dissolutions of eroticism and friendship.

I know, it sounds lame.

But the story is a very humanizing one. That's what I dug. Aside from the gay community porpaganda that may or may not have underwritten its making, it stands alone as a beautiful story of characters that are in contact with a different, and at varying times more and less sane view into life and the human condition. Although I disagree with their particular expression of that dimension, I still appreciate a movie that goes there.

Unforutnately, the gay content of the movie inevitably pegs it. On IMDB the topics listed are all sex and rebellion, which does the movie a grave disservice.

All that said, it's not the kind you watch with a lot of people. Even one blithering idiot trying to be funny at the films' expense would destroy the power of it. Nono, watch this one alone in your home.

In fact, I think the movie might not translate outside of me, because it was my personal take on the film that made it interesting to me, although I'm guessing that mine was a solitary exegesis. The way I read it, the film revolved around the duality of main characters: there were two that seemed to live their lives as a reflection of deeper metaphors and one that, while perhaps just as "good", and possibly a deal more sane, didn't. Her motivations were straight forward. The crux of the story, in my reading, is whether or not to pay the price for passion. At what point do you pull back? Do you ever pull back? What if it destroys you and you cannot achieve victory?


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