Sunday, February 18, 2007

God returns ten fold

We're often told that whatever you give to God will be rendered back to you ten fold. Normally I metaphorize this idea, but sometimes it becomes tangible. Today after church the teens had a bake sale. I had agreed to buy a blueberry muffin that one of the girls had baked. 1$, no big deal. So I paid my buck and wolfed the muffin really quickly then went outside to talk to a couple of parishioners.

After a while I walked back in to get my stuff and the teens gave me the leftovers from the bake sale, which probably amounted to a total of about 30 assorted baked goods. They instructed me to set them out at the seminary for the other seminarians returning from their parish assignments.

When I went outside there was a hispanic lady getting her three kids out of the car and giving them this and that instruction. They had parked right behind me in the ice. I felt so happy from receiving the baked goods that I had to walk up to her and ask if she and her kids wanted one. She looked at me puzzled. I told her "from the church" and pointed. I guess the fact that I was still in my cassock convinced her that I wasn't lying, so they each got one and I still had tons to put out at the seminary.

Well nothing deep here, but just an example of how good will begets good well, and affection begets affection.


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