Saturday, September 09, 2006

A little different start

Well, classes have been going since last Thursday, although in all fairness Monday is the real beginning. I'm signed up for by far my smallest load thus far, but it's cool - I've taken an extreme excess every semester until now in order to clear up some tome for grad prep.

I've been quite preoccupied with a couple of issues recently, one of which I've only fully divulged to a couple of friends here. It's crazy how schizophrenic we can get over completely unrelated issues. But, whatever the psychology behind the thing, I'm like Frodo described himself after carrying the ring a while: "like too little butter spread across too much toast."

The previous two years I've come here and thought "wow, I can't wait to begin". This time out it's different. I'm more of the mindset that I can wait to finish. I've enjoyed my time here for the most part, but as with so many thing in life, its optimum time is passing. My mind has moved on slightly before my qualifications have. I'll have to be doubly invested in order to make out the way I should this year.

The cultural DNA of the place has changed as well. This year there are far fewer traditional Orthodox types, plus there is only one Indian and one Antiochene; groups that have typically accounted for half or more of the student body since I've been here. Instead we've got a smattering of Catholics, Melkites, Syrians, Ethiopians, and all sorts of others. It's an interesting change, I'm curious as to how it will all turn out. Ecumenism and Pan-Orthodoxy are part of the mission statement here, so I guess we'll get our chance ot figure out how well we can measure up to our stated ideals.

Incidentally my intership with the WCC starts soon. That will also be a good barometer of how well I measure up in all things Ecumenical.


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