Friday, September 09, 2005


In a recent conversation I found myself using chess to explain theological synergy and divine will. It's really a pretty cool little lay explanation for how things work. Check it out:

We're each a piece. That piece has a certain function in the grand plan. Since the piece has free will then it may or may not move where its told and when its told - usually if it doesn't it's because the piece favors its own agenda above the team strategy; the greater the piece the more its responsibility; although the player may favor and exalt a certain piece, he only does so because greater sacrifice is expected in the future of that piece; The pieces are only exhalted for the glory of the player, outside of chess they have very little independent worth; often times pieces must be sacrificed for the greater good, although the piece may or may not see it that way; Pieces are only at their best when they live into what it is that their piece is supposed to be and do, no piece is more or less necessary despite their differing abilities.

Cute eh?